Vietnam's Young Invest Ideas In Ho Chi Minh

A tech-savvy population, a fast-growing economy, and the perks of being first in an emerging market - Vietnamese entrepreneur Le Thanh saw the potential in booming Ho Chi Minh City for his start-up transforming coffee grounds into masks. The 35-year-old chemistry graduate worked for two multinationals before stepping out on his own three years ago to launch ShoeX - a sustainable footwear company which nimbly pivoted to masks as the coronavirus pandemic struck.When he entered the work

13 July 2020

Women are taking digital markets by storm

According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2020 by the World Economic Forum (WEF), it will take another 163 years for East Asia and the Pacific region to reach gender parity at its current rate.

6 March 2020

Investing in ASEAN start-ups

Southeast Asia is proving to be one of the most successful and fastest growing digital markets in the world. While the likes of Grab and Lazada have established themselves in the region, many other start-ups are fast-developing unique and innovative forms of services to tap into the lucrative digital economy. Singapore is currently home to some of the most heavily funded start-ups in the region, including Grab and Sea.

22 January 2020

ASEAN unicorns on the rise

ASEAN’s attractive investment market, along with an expansive digital environment has led to the emergence of a vibrant start-up ecosystem across the region.

19 January 2020

Do e-scooters have a future in ASEAN?

ASEAN cities are notorious for their traffic. A 2019 report by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), found that cities in the Philippines, Malaysia and Myanmar are among the most congested, and congestion is costing governments millions of dollars daily.

7 November 2019

ASEAN start-ups are tackling food waste

There are approximately 124 million people around the world who suffer from acute hunger. According to the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2018 report, without intervention, 50 countries will fail to achieve the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of zero hunger by 2030.

5 November 2019

Thai youths want their own start-ups

ASEAN youths are highly aware of potential disruption and challenges brought on by technological advancement in the job market, requiring them to upgrade their skills regularly.

24 October 2019

Guardian angels for ASEAN’s start-ups

The start-up ecosystem in Southeast Asia is improving and nurturing more homegrown start-ups. Based on data from a report by e27, Asia's largest tech media platform, titled ‘Southeast Asia’s start-up ecosystem report 2018’, at least 5,828 active start-ups are operating across six ASEAN countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines).

18 October 2019

Cloud kitchens serving healthy options

Cloud kitchens across Southeast Asia are disrupting the dining restaurant model, operating straight from individual cooking venues and delivering straight to customers’ doors. Cloud kitchens are also called delivery-only kitchens, ghost kitchens and dark kitchens. The elimination of customer seating, air conditioning and lighting slashes rent costs and bills and also reduces the need to employ serving staff.

12 October 2019