Malaysia’s digital tax: A smart move?

The digital economy stands to change the way we look at taxes. In Malaysia, the previous National Front-led government was mulling the decision to raise revenue by taxing the digital economy.

24 October 2018

Taxing e-commerce in Indonesia

Perhaps one of the most widely discussed challenges that comes with a growing global e-commerce sector is the challenge of taxing that industry.

15 October 2018

Innovating to survive in retail

The Electronic Transactions Development Agency’s (ETDA) latest report has revealed that the market value of business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce in Thailand ranked the highest in Southeast Asia at US$23.3 billion in 2017.

14 September 2018

Unicorns of ASEAN: Lazada

When the region’s internet penetration rate started to grow in the mid-2000s, many users in Southeast Asia started yearning for their very own “Amazon”, an e-commerce site where they could simply place an order online and have their goods delivered to t

11 June 2018

e-Commerce in Malaysia and the Philippines

e-Commerce is now in fashion. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has seen many sweeping changes take place in the tangible market, with Southeast Asia’s internet economy growing exponentially.

27 April 2018

Asia couldn't quit Facebook even if it wanted to

Indonesia, home to roughly 6 percent of Facebook Inc.'s users, isn't happy with the social-media giant. Officials there are even threatening to shut the service down after its latest egregious privacy scandal.

20 April 2018