Hot off the press

These are the top stories making the front pages of major newspapers from across Southeast Asia today.  Get up to speed with what’s happening in the fastest growing region in the world.  Seeking justice: All the Bateq tribe wants is basic rights Sahabat Jariah Malaysia founder Johan Halid, who…

Four charged over MH17 crash

International investigators on Wednesday charged three Russians and a Ukrainian with murder over the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, the first people to face justice over the tragedy five years ago in which 298 people were killed. The trial of the four men with military and…

Hot off the press

These are the top stories making the front pages of major newspapers from across Southeast Asia today.  Get up to speed with what’s happening in the fastest growing region in the world.  Sabah tourism players confident govt will enhance security to protect industry The latest kidnapping incident…

UN warns of aid cut over Rohingya camp closures

The United Nations (UN) has warned it will pare back aid to thousands of Rohingya Muslims left destitute as Myanmar's government closes camps in Rakhine state, over fears its continued support "risks entrenching segregation". Aid agencies are facing an increasingly sharp dilemma in the region as…



Myanmar has an energy problem

Ever since Myanmar undertook a series of political, economic and administrative reforms in 2011, the country’s economy has steadily improved. According to data from the Asian…

Indonesia’s dull solar sector 

Indonesia is the largest energy consumer among all ASEAN member states, and with over 260 million people, energy demand in the archipelagic country is growing rapidly and is…

Vietnam’s growing demand for energy

With a rapidly growing economy, Vietnam is facing an increase in energy demand which is forecasted to grow 10 percent annually. The Vietnam Energy Outlook Report 2017 released by…



Easy to do business in ASEAN?

TMF Group, a multinational professional services firm headquartered in Amsterdam, recently released its Global Business Complexity Index 2019 report. While the report looks at how easy it is to do…

Muslim tourists give Thailand the thumbs up

Early this year, it was revealed that Thailand had set a new record for tourist arrivals, welcoming as many as 38.2 million tourists in 2018. For 2019, the government there hopes to bring in as many…

Strengthening ASEAN’s digital economy

ASEAN is set to become the world’s fourth largest economy by 2030, and it is a transition that will be championed by an increasingly tech-savvy younger population which is rapidly rising up the socio…

Ageing Southeast Asians need homes  

Some of the most rapidly ageing countries can be found in Southeast Asia. The population of Singapore over the age of 65 is expected to reach 26.6 percent in 2035, whereas the ageing population in…

Can another 1MDB happen again?

Having trouble opening a bank account or transferring funds? Getting stopped by customs officers while travelling abroad? You might have 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) to thank for that.…



ASEAN’s data governance challenge

How our data is collected, managed and utilised is an issue more ASEAN citizens need to be concerned about. The ongoing digital transformation in ASEAN, where an…

Can 5G save Indonesia?

While Indonesia may not have the best internet connectivity in Southeast Asia, one thing it is certainly doing well compared to some other ASEAN countries is providing…

Farming in the city 

Urban farming could help provide a boost to the region’s food security and safety issues. The traditional farming system, though productive, has serious downsides which…



'Circumcision season' in the Philippines

A row of boys lying on newsprint-covered tables howl in pain and grit their teeth as part of "circumcision season" in the Philippines, when thousands of youngsters suffer through the procedure en masse. The removal of foreskins is a centuries-old rite of passage to adulthood in the country, which has one of the highest rates of male circumcision in the world.  Yet even as circumcision comes under increasing scrutiny around the world, with critics branding it "child abuse", it is rarely…

Malaysia’s unfortunate children

While Malaysia may have not performed the worst in ASEAN for Save the Children’s Global Childhood Report 2019, child abuse cases are still high in the country.  In fact, this was also the assertion of the country’s Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Hannah Yeoh who, in February, claimed that the number of child abuse and neglect cases in the country was still high.  Merely days ago, Malaysian police detained three family members for allegedly abusing two children at a…

Freeing Cambodia’s children

Cambodia may receive a lot of criticism aimed especially at its politics and human rights, but the Kingdom is apparently doing something right. Recent reports show that Cambodia has made leaps and bounds as far as protecting its children go. This is especially significant considering the fact that (relative to some other ASEAN countries) a large portion of its population are made up of young people. The fact that Cambodia has a problem with child labour is nothing new. The fact that many of…

The forest screams

Early this year, researchers urged conservationists and palm oil companies tackling deforestation and forest fires to rely less on satellite imagery and to start “listening” to the sounds of the forest instead. In a report published by the journal Science on 4 January, researchers said the use of “bioacoustics” to record, monitor and log background sounds – like animals, insects and human activity – provides crucial data needed for more effective conservation. "You can look at a primary forest…


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