Fourth Industrial Revolution

Can 5G really transform businesses?

While consumers across ASEAN are excited about 5G’s promise of faster home broadband speeds and mobile internet connections, it is the technology’s low network latency and power consumption that offers a variety of opportunities for businesses.Globe Telecom in the Philippines rolled out Southeast Asia’s first 5G broadband service in select areas of the country in June, partnering with telecommunications giant Huawei to give the world’s largest community of social media users a home broadband

16 September 2019

Myanmar e-sports players battle power outages

ESports star Myint was on the cusp of victory when the screens went dark in the Yangon cafe where he competes, costing him thousands of dollars in missed prize-money and denting his reputation. Myanmar's gaming scene is mushrooming, but frequent power cuts are holding players back in the emerging democracy. "Every time a black-out happens, we curse out the electricity corporation - and it happens often," he said.More than 60 percent of people in Myanmar still

27 August 2019

Can Lao’s media survive in today’s world?

Lao recently held an event where managers of its mass media and publishing generally agreed that the country’s media and the publications they produce needed to aspire to self-development. They said this was so they are better equipped to fulfil their duty to promote national protection and development.In a socialist state such as Lao, the managers’ general assessment makes perfect sense.

20 August 2019

The future of mining

After Indonesia’s Petrosea embarked on the digital transformation of its Tabang coal mine in Kalimantan in June 2018, it soon became apparent that initiatives like real-time performance monitoring and predictive maintenance would help ensure the company’s sustainable growth.Indonesia is ASEAN’s largest producer of coal and fifth largest in the world, and as demand for energy continually increases, a number of Southeast Asian countries continue to utilise coal as a cheap way to meet their ener

18 August 2019

ASEAN youth face disruptive job market

With technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly permeating society, ASEAN’s youth will need to reinvent themselves to stay relevant in the job market.Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies are stamping their mark in everything from agriculture to the legal profession – streamlining processes, increasing productivity and reducing costs.The “manufacturing for export” strategy has served as the main economic pillar of most ASE

17 August 2019

Showcasing IIOT to ASEAN and beyond

Schneider Electric’s extensive use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies in its factory in Batam has earned it the distinction of being one of the first two factories in ASEAN to join the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Lighthouse Network.A French multinational company, Schneider Electric specialises in energy management and automation and has operations in more than 100 countries.

12 August 2019

Education in ASEAN needs a revamp now

Social institutions such as education, healthcare and public housing services play a key part in a country’s soft infrastructure. Apart from roads, bridges, airports and other hard infrastructure projects needed to sustain growth across the region, soft infrastructure initiatives are just as crucial in developing knowledge, innovation and technical know-how.As a whole, the region has prospered over the past two decades with the “manufacturing for export” strategy as the main pillar i

7 August 2019

Is Thailand ready for a third language?

Thailand’s Ministry of Education recently revealed that it would push for the inclusion of a third language: coding (computer programming language) into its school curriculum. Deputy Education Minister Kalaya Sophonpanich was responding to the proposal of teaching coding at schools from Future Forward MP Kulthida Roongruangkiat during the debate on the government’s policy statement.

2 August 2019

How innovative is your country?

Creating new products, processes and ideas, innovators are at the forefront of development and progress. Be it a corner-shop or a multinational company, businesses that innovate are able to attract the best talent, increase revenues, scale up more efficiently and grab bigger shares of their respective markets.The best innovators are able to capture a niche market and help their brand stand out by meeting their customers’ ever-changing needs – key to any business’ longevity.

30 July 2019

Singapore: Land of opportunity?

Many ASEAN citizens would consider moving to Singapore for better opportunities. This was what the recent RGF International Recruitment’s Talent in Asia 2019 report found when it compiled data via a targeted survey completed in March. The survey gathered responses from more than 3,500 job seekers and candidates across six ASEAN countries as well as India, mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

27 July 2019

Indonesia has a big problem

Indonesia has a serious issue as far as meeting the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution go. The quickly evolving landscape and potential demands on the country’s workforce is shaping into a real concern.

24 July 2019

ASEAN competitive despite global turmoil

Singapore’s status as the world’s most competitive economy in the IMD (International Institute for Management Development) World Competitiveness Rankings is not the only thing ASEAN can be proud of.While Singapore dethroned the United States (US) to stand atop the annual rankings for the first time since 2010 as Hong Kong remained second, the four other ASEAN countries in the list of 63 economies also performed strongly.

2 June 2019